The Wagadu Chronicles releases a gameplay trailer ahead of its early access release


Developer Twin Drums is continuing to step on the hype engine gas pedal for its developing MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles and its impending early access launch, this time through the medium of video as it debuted a new early access gameplay trailer.

The footage in question is about what one would expect from this kind of trailer, as it touts the game’s turn-based combat, gathering and crafting mechanics, the various characters that players can make, and the ability to earn guardian favor in order to make villages thrive; if nothing else, it offers a look at some of the latest gameplay footage condensed into one package.

What the trailer regrettably doesn’t offer is a date for early access, meaning the earlier announced window of sometime by the end of this year still holds true as fact. Regardless, there’s lots to look at in the video just after the break.

source: YouTube
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