Star Trek Online’s summer event returns June 28 with medieval fantasy-styled ship and weapon rewards

We good? I hope we're good?

The beaches of Risa are calling out to players of Star Trek Online once more as the MMORPG’s Lohlunat Festival summer event is coming back for everyone this week, and as the headline and the announcement’s title suggests, this one is featuring a more medieval fantasy bent in terms of its rewards as well as its overall theme.

As usual, one of the primary rewards for taking part in the event is a Tier 6 ship, with this year’s offering being the Hysperian Intel Battlecruiser, which looks like it’s been made out of large sheets of copper. More information about what this ship offers is outlined in the video embed that waits just below.

The medieval theme continues with several fantasy weapons pulled from the Risian children’s fantasy epic The Kingdom of Elysian for players to collect, including the Elysian Spellsword, the ice shard-firing Neve’s Icy Talons, and the shielding Ring of Reflection that retaliates against enemy attacks with a barrage of magic missiles. In addition, the event will offer the Elysian War Magick armor set that grants multiple benefits when all of its pieces are collected like enhanced sword strikes and increased melee defense.

As for activities, players can expect multiple classic affairs like powerboat races, horga’hn hunts, artifact scavenging, and the signature dance party. The Lohlunat Festival will kick off for PC and console players on Wednesday, June 28th, and run until July 28th, but this time it’s more like a Risian renaissance faire.

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