Frozen Flame announces the addition of Clerks film star Jason Mewes and several streamers to its vocal cast


Readers of a certain age are likely familiar with the name of actor Jason Mewes; he played the Jay half of the Jay and Silent Bob duo for writer/director Kevin Smith’s “View Askewniverse” series of films including Clerks, Dogma, and Mallrats. We can now apparently add video game voice actor to Mewes’s list of career accolades, as developer Dreamside Interactive has announced that he’ll be playing the role of Empath in the survival RPG Frozen Flame.

Empath is apparently a mimic that has taken on the appearance of a jug and is described in the announcement as “by nature a mimic, by spirit – the best friend of adventurers.” The addition of Mewes to the game’s voice cast follows an earlier announcement that confirmed livestreamers CohhCarnage, BloodyFaster, and Alvaena will also be taking on various NPC roles.

As for news about the game specifically, a recent dev blog promises several upcoming improvements arriving at the end of January, which include tweaks to certain crafting and gathering activities, lowered armor weight, and more weight capacity for the backpack. Future updates are further being discussed in the game’s Discord, while the devs promise regular player Q&As.

sources: Twitter, Steam (1, 2)
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