Dungeons and Dragons Online predicts a heavy dose of Snowpeaks Festival later this week


It’s January, the sun is not showing up to play, and you’re spending these cold, dark days shivering your buns off. So why not lean into it with an ice-themed festival over at Dungeons and Dragons Online?

Standing Stone Games announced that the game’s Snowpeaks Festival is kicking off this Wednesday alongside of Update 57.2. During the event, players can fight Scourge of the Snowpeaks mobs for tokens and a chance at a frozen key that will unlock a special obstacle course.

“While on the Snowpeaks, you will have your wits, reflexes, and ability to stay cool under pressure tested with a challenge to collect coins as you slide, jump, and twist,” the studio said in last year’s guide. “Running a Snowpeaks challenge rewards you with a large number of Snowpeaks Coins.”

The Snowpeaks Festival will run through January 12th.

Source: Twitter
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