Frozen Flame opens a Portal to Christmas in its latest update


While trying to survive in the multiplayer RPG Frozen Flame might be the primary objective, that doesn’t mean a bit of the Christmas spirit can’t seep into the game’s world. To that point, the latest patch has opened a titular Portal to Christmas, offering a bit of festive cheer in-between the title’s usual gameplay beats.

Players who walk through this portal will be greeted by Krampus, who is offering up holiday decor for player houses in exchange for gingerbread. Finding this gingerbread is a matter of locating presents scattered across the game world, which are illuminated by bright beacons shooting into the sky, and players are also being promised that “something even more interesting” may be found at these locations.

In addition to the holiday goodies, the new patch has added three difficulty settings in local play, made several gamepad improvements, introduced an emotion menu, improved boss arenas in the Broken Valley, and added a stone stove among other updates. The notes provide all of the information on what’s been added. Besides Christmas, anyway.

source: Steam
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