ARK Survival Evolved begins Winter Wonderland event, Atlas adds new PvP servers


Whether you take your survival sandbox in dinosaur flavor or pirate flavor, there’s something new to experience in either ARK: Survival Evolved or Atlas. Either way, both will have the distinct taste of Studio Wildcard on the back end. For better or worse.

In ARK, the Winter Wonderland event is back, with all of the returning emotes, critters, and server boosts players might expect as well as some new chibis and new creature colors that are only spawning during the event. For those who are in the collecting mood, there’s lots of new and returning presents to harvest, but you only have until January 5th to do so.

As for Atlas, the newest patch brings on four new 3×3 official PvP servers – three NA and one EU – that feature tropical, desert, temperate, polar and equatorial biomes, while one home server has a lawless Freeport Island and another grid contains a Golden Age ruin and a lawless Trench. The patch has also crushed a variety of bugs.

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