Frozen Flame’s latest update revamps systems, adds a new zone, and improves combat

And all of this can be experienced in the demo, apparently


There’s been a pretty sizeable update made to the multiplayer RPG Frozen Flame this week, which seeks to act on a whole bunch of feedback from players and livestreamers of both the game’s early access build and its demo version; basically what we’re saying is that there is a lot of ground to cover here.

Among the features of this latest patch are a more streamlined tutorial section, two new NPCs each with a new quest, a new frosty biome complete with a new world boss, several crafting adjustments such as recipes being learned after harvesting new things and the ability to brew potions, tweaks to house construction that revolve around a house core (as well as weather now doing damage to houses), and various improvements to combat.

These are just a few of the highlights of a pretty lengthy set of patch notes, so current players will want to take a read. Additionally, these updates apply to the game’s demo version as well, just in case you’re the sort who doesn’t want to buy into an early access title out of hand.

source: Steam
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