Project L is confirmed to be free-to-play with ‘respectful’ monetization


Riot Games was long known for making exactly one game (League of Legends) but it’s lately been diversifying into other fields. That diversification is continued with Project L, which is a multiplayer 2-D fighter based on the same IP and currently in early development. A recent video dispatch offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the game’s ongoing process, with executive producer Tom Cannon stating that the core system design is being wrapped up as the team moves on to designing specific characters to be in the game, such as the upcoming Illaoi (who was added to LoL in 2015).

Cannon also addresses the game’s business model, confirming that like Riot’s other offerings the game will be free-to-play. He stresses that the monetization model will “be respectful of both your time and your wallet,” although exactly what that will mean remains to be seen. It’s a brief video clocking in at just around two minutes, but if you’d like a dense look at what’s going on with the fighting game’s development process, it’s well worth a watch.

Source: YouTube via Polygon
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