Frozen Flame introduces the Dragon’s Grove biome, continues its main campaign, and adds stone building items


There’s a new location to delve in to in the survival RPG Frozen Flame, and while it kind of sounds magical in that heartwarming fantasy movie way, it’s a bit more dangerous than that. It’s called the Dragon’s Grove, and it’s the tentpole feature of the patch of the same name.

The Dragon’s Grove consists of 17 new islands to explore full of new locations, NPCs, enemies, and resources, in addition to the promise of new lore about the game’s world. This location also is a central focus of the game’s continuing main campaign, with new elite idol keepers, stronger Cursed foes, and plenty of new quests. On top of the new area, players can forge new iron armor and weapons, and can put together new stone houses thanks to the latest building updates.

Other updates in the patch include a new nature essence, new animations for when players are encumbered and swinging two-handed swords, localization and balance updates, and a few bug fixes. All of the new features are written out in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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