Kickstarted tiny MMO Book of Travels has officially launched into early access

Thus begins two years until Chapter One

Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

It’s early access launch day for tiny MMO Book of Travels, originally Kickstarted back in 2019 for $261,000 with all stretch goals accounted for. Swedish studio Might and Delight, known best for its Meadow series, welcomed early access players this afternoon.

“Today the team at Might and Delight are thrilled to officially launch Book of Travels into Early Access,” the studio writes. “After making a deep impression on press and early Kickstarter backers this weekend, the world of Braided Shore is opening to all who wish to tread its tangled paths and wander its shady wilds. This rare moment – the start of a new world – is not to be missed, and all who venture in it will have founding tales to tell.”

“Getting to know Braided Shore will be a rich and rewarding experience; its lore and culture can be interpreted by any observant Traveller who pays heed to idle chatter or reads the lay of the land. With no quests marked out for players to solve, it will be up to you to write your own adventure. Take notes of your explorations and unravel the world’s mysteries at your own pace. […] There are many ways to savour your journey’s special moments in this Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG. Some may wish to wander alone, many may leave chance meetings to fate, while others will seek out other players to travel with. Whether you travel with friends or strangers you’ll never get crowded out – right now servers allow a maximum of seven players, making a party of seven the Traveller gathering grouping possible.”

The early access launch, considered the “chapter zero” release, is now open to all Kickstarter backers as well as on Steam for newcomers, with the NDA now dropped; it’s currently on sale for $26.99 for the launch. The team posted a detailed roadmap through the early access to launch last week; we’re expecting achievements, new forms, costumes, pets, new skills, accessories, boats, child companions, minigames, gaming, cooking, dreams, music, and a large part of the world all fleshed out in the five release between now and the launch for chapter one, which is expected to be in about two years.

Do note that if you backed the game prior to the launch, you will need to claim your Steam key (and other goodies) through Backerkit. It’s a bit convoluted, but I did it myself this morning and it does work. There’s also a “known issues” thread over on Steam that covers vehicles, lag spikes, and the case of the disappearing party members.

Source: Press release, Steam
Needless to say, the launch is definitely experiencing some issues with the servers, so don’t be expecting to log into this one right off.
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