Multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame is holding an open beta test this weekend


If you’ve been curious about the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame, whether because you checked out the game’s free demo or watched our stream team’s last peek, then you might be interested to know that the game is holding an open beta on Steam this weekend, between October 28th and 30th.

This beta build features three months’ worth of update work made by developer Dreamside Interactive, including an improved tutorial, a “considerable” change to the tech tree with new types of stations and weapons, adjusted abilities to allow for more diverse builds, and a number of questing quality-of-life improvements. If all of that has grabbed your interest, it’s simply a matter of going to the game’s Steam page and requesting access through a button click.

Frozen Flame, just in case readers need a refresher, first came under our coverage back in 2020, when it promised a “fresh take” on the survival genre with its mechanics and a game world that continually slid to a cataclysm. The title successfully crowdfunded on Fig that year, opened to founder testing in July 2020, went into closed beta about two months later, and has been making a long list of updates ever since up. It was angling for an early access launch in the first quarter of this year, but those plans had slipped backwards into an early access launch this fall – a launch window that the game’s Steam page is still committing to.

source: Steam
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