Frozen Flame plans fall 2022 early access, free demo next week


When last we checked in on survival MMO Frozen Flame, Dreamside Interactive had just implemented a major update and was still targeting Q1 2022 for early access launch. Needless to say, the studio didn’t quite make that as we’re almost to Q3 now. But there’s some good news, as yesterday the company announced a fall 2022 early access release under the Ravenage Games publishing banner, which is responsible for several other indie titles on Steam.

It’s a pretty low-key announcement all-told; Dreamside itself has been more active promoting its participating in next week’s Steam Next Fest, which will offer a free demo of the game for new players.

Ravenage’s announcement, incidentally, calls it a survival RPG, but it’s still binned as a massively multiplayer title on Steam.

Source: Twitter, Steam
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