Survival MMO Frozen Flame updates closed beta crafting, targets Q1 2022 early access


We’ve had our eye on crowdfunded survival MMO Frozen Flame since 2020, and it’s been poking along in closed beta ever since. At the end of January, studio Dreamside Interactive released an update that touches on storytelling, combat, traps, treasure chests, new islands… and crafting.

“We’ve significantly changed our approach towards crafting. The number of Memory Shards required to unlock recipes has been increased. On the other hand, memorials and waystone, which replaced the hidden stellas, now reward players with a greater amount of Shards. On top of that, Shards can now drop from destructible objects, like vases and boxes. More advanced recipes require you to get rarer green Memory Shards, either dropping from Elementals, Titans and mystical cubes, or crafted from the regular Memory Shards.”

We don’t have a hard date for launch, but Steam is still targeting the first quarter of 2022, so maybe in the next two months if that holds true. “We’re slowly but steadily working our way towards the Early Access,” the studio says.

Source: Steam
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