Lineage II’s various versions hand out Halloween heaps of celebratory candy and consumables

Spoopy? No.

Let’s be honest about something: The real spirit of Halloween is going up to someone’s house in a flamboyant costume, asking for stuff you can consume, and then being given it with no further consideration. With this understood, it makes sense that Lineage II’s various versions are all asking you to log in and claim a package of Halloween goods from the in-game store to acquire a variety of consumable items for buffs as a big portion of its celebration. It’s not spooky, but it’s honest.

Obviously, the content of said packages vary depending on whether you’re playing Lineage II, Lineage II Aden, or Lineage II Classic. But all three offer you a box full of stuff and all three of them warn you that the consumable buffs therein will be deleted on November 16th whether you’ve used them or not. So claim your boxes early and use the buffs contained therein sooner rather than later. See? You need to eat your candy right away after you get it. Mom.

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