Frozen Flame’s survival mode moves from open beta to early access beta

These are different things because testing means nothing to game studios now


Did you miss the open beta build of the early access build of Frozen Flame? You don’t have to worry about that because the test of the test is done testing, so now the other test build has released to the early access game, but it’s still being called a beta.

In spite of the continued obfuscation of what testing actually means, this update to the multiplayer RPG is bringing a lot to the table, highlighted by a new survival mode known as cataclysm mode (the part that’s still being called a beta version). As the name suggests, this new mode features a game world after the main story’s cataclysm takes place, with a greater focus on survival and exploration, more importance on choosing an Order to align with, and a new Frozen Desert region to explore.

Other updates applied with this release (that are not called a beta version) include a rebalancing of combat, the introduction of official servers to let 30 players come together in the same world, and the ability to fertilize seed beds among other things. Whatever you want to call this version of the game, it’s available now.

sources: press release, Steam
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