Embers Adrift offers a running QA tally of fixes, promises another free weekend and more advertising soon


Just in case you forgot, Embers Adrift has been running an ongoing forum post that shares Stormhaven Studios’ homework. Specifically, the thread offers a running log of fixes being planned or going through the current QA process, just in case you’re the sort of person who likes to see every part of the development process.

Some of the most recent items currently in QA address nav issues in Karst, LODs for certain props, a couple of DLSS feature updates, certain abilities not properly adding threat, and combat text adjustments. Meanwhile, the top of the post has several to-do items like crowd control updates, the next phase of Grimstone and Forgotten Depths development, and some specific tooltip cleanup to show damage range instead of a dice number equation.

Stormhaven Studios says it’ll be updating the thread as QA testing and fixing continues, so if you’re the kind of Embers player who has a particular bugbear with the MMORPG, there’s a place to keep an eye on things.

In other Embers news, the game’s CM Elloa replied to complaints on our Twitter post related to the game’s subscription model, noting that a free trial of the MMORPG is not in the cards yet, but a free weekend is tentatively planned for sometime in June. Another reply from the game’s account also stated Stormhaven’s intention to advertise the game more, with details to be shared soon.

sources: official forums, Twitter (1, 2)
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