Final Fantasy XIV is launching a tabletop RPG starter set in May 2024

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If you’ve ever stared at your Dungeons & Dragons books, then at your Final Fantasy XIV lore books, and then muttered to yourself that there must be a way to combine these two things, good news! There is one, and it doesn’t involve careful homebrew jobs and mechanics. As part of the 10-year anniversary, there’s a new special site for the official FFXIV tabletop RPG that’s available for preorder right now.

The preorder went live slightly before the announcement, then it got taken down, then it went back up. So that was a bit of a mess.

The site promises that the starter kit contains everything you need to get started with a rulebook, gamemaster book, premade character sheets, 16 custom dice (10d6 and 6d20), an encounter map, character tokens, a rule summary, ability markers, and a gigantic load of serotonin for exactly the sort of person whose eyes lit up at the words “FFXIV tabletop RPG.” And yes, there will be further standalone player books available according to the teaser site. The game isn’t coming out until May of 2024, but odds are you’re already pre-ordering now if this made your day already.

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