Lord of the Rings Online gives a sneak peak of Corsairs of Umbar’s landscape

So yeah, it's called Corsairs of Umbar


Lord of the Rings Online’s fall expansion finally has an official name (and logo): Corsairs of Umbar. Standing Stone Games revealed this in a few places across its social media, including a new video — the first of four — that tours through some of the landscape coming with the pack.

During the livestream, fans were given some much-needed information about the expansion. Corsairs of Umbar will increase the level cap to 150 and add five new regions: Western King’s Gondor, Anfalas, Pinnath Gelin, Shield Isles, and the City of Umbar. SSG said that the new biomes draw inspiration from Mediterranean, Southwestern Asian, and North African landscapes, including a different color palette.

The studio also spoke to the major crafting changes coming in the fall. The overhaul will involve eliminating tier restrictions and vocations, allowing players to track more than one type of gathering node at a time, separating crafting guilds, improving top-end crafting, and adding upgradable items – pretty much as devs have previously outlined.

“We want crafting to return to a more relevant and exciting place with Corsairs of Umbar and we are excited about these changes. Crafters will be able to make some ‘best in slot’ items if they dedicate time and resources to the effort, and we can’t wait for you to see and experience the future of crafting in The Lord of the Rings Online!” SSG said.

Source: YouTube, LOTRO
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