Conan Exiles marches onward to a purge-filled chapter two of the Age of War today


Funcom has made good on its promise to expand Conan Exiles with the launch of the second chapter of the Age of War, the chief content hook for which is the revamped purge system. Don’t worry; it sounds worse than it is.

“In Chapter 2, take full control over both when a purge attacks, and the difficulty of the event,” Funcom says. “As Stygian fighters pour from a nearby war camp, defend your base and the treasure within it against wave after wave, until the Hand of War emerges. Defeat him and reap the rewards, which improve according to difficulty. This is a completely new experience in Conan Exiles, leveraging the game’s deeply customizable player-built bases and followers to create epic battles with high replayability.”

“In addition, loot tables across the entire game have been improved, making enemy drops reflect their culture, environment, and equipment. Leave the confines of your fortress to raid camps and delve into dungeons to find the rarest of loot. Thanks to their systemic nature, the impact of these features can be felt by new players taking their first steps out of the desert, to end-game veterans dominating the Exiled Lands and raising whole cities.”

The studio notes that Isle of Siptah and the rest of the game’s DLC are currently 60% off, so this would be an ideal time to get caught up.

Source: Official site, press release
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