Mad World brings new regions, new content, more servers, and the long-lost Steam release on January 25th



Over the course of our reporting on Mad World, a common refrain was the fact that the “hell-made MMORPG” had not shown up on Steam yet despite developer Jandisoft stating its intention to launch on the platform back when the game released in April – all while completely ignoring questions about the delay for nine months. Finally, the studio broke its silence earlier this week and announced on Discord a Steam version release is coming on Thursday, January 25th.

This news is part of the OARPG’s wider series of content updates that are on the docket, which include two new bosses and a new region to go along with the Steam launch in version 1.25, a new story dungeon in version 2.8, and RvR content in version 2.22.

The game also plans several quality-of-life updates like unspecified convenience features for pets, new skills and soul stones, and improved equipment drops. In addition to the upcoming new content, Mad World will open new servers for NA, EU, and Korean players. Specific dates for the game’s future patches were not given.

The whole thing is being promoted with a pre-registration event running from now until January 17th that gives out $1,000 worth of items, while login rewards that hand out growth items, phantom spheres, and a pet will be on offer between January 18th and February 17th. More details are likely to come soon, but for now we all at least know that this long-dormant Steam launch is on the way.

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