Star Wars Day around the MMO galaxy: SWTOR, SWG, and more


It’s May the Fourth, the modern celebration of Star Wars when the internet erupts with memes and the MMOs run events and nobody’s madder about Star Wars than Star Wars fans.

We point you first to Star Wars The Old Republic, the only Star Wars MMOs officially remaining to our genre. BioWare announced a patch last night, of course, but the studio is also giving away a new robot – a green BX-23 droid, shown above – to everyone who logs in by May 18th. There’s also a double XP event and sale over the same period.

Star Wars Galaxies may be technically gone, but its emulators and rogue servers aren’t. The NGE emulator SWG Legends is running a long double XP window through May 8th. [Update: After this post went live, SWGL announced broader festivities, including quests on Bespin and Tatooine, live events, and a giveaway.]

Rogue server Empire in Flames is actually in the middle of celebrating its own anniversary, so there’s plenty going on there too. And in the original SWGEmu, Han Solo himself is hosting a party – the kind you’re probably going to want to bring a blaster to. That’s at 8 p.m. EDT tonight. (I checked Resto III too, if you’re wondering, but nothing has been announced yet as I type this! SWG has kind of a lot of emus even beyond these!)

Rocket League isn’t exactly an MMO, but it’s getting Star Wars-themed content as of today – cars themed like BB-8, C-3PO, K-2SO, and R2-D2. Sure why not.

Coincidentally, but not unexpectedly, Steam has a huge crop of Star Wars games on sale. Star Wars Squadrons, for example, is six bucks.

Of course, even non-Star Wars games get in on the fun.

May the fourth be with you, folks.

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