Mad World’s latest patch adds harder dungeons, new gear attributes, and its newest battle pass


Mad World is still doing its thing – albeit not on Steam still – with another weekly content patch that applies a variety of new things and adjustments to existing things within the “hell-made” MMOARPG.

Leading the weekly update notes is the introduction of two “very hard” versions of the Temple of Memory and White Knot Cave dungeons, which promise to add boosted stats and changed attack patterns for the bosses hiding within these delves.

Gear updates are the next major feature, with additional attributes to existing armor based on the kind of material it’s crafted from, along with the ability for players to enhance their accessories. Finally, there’s a new battle pass available that references the spooky season, with succubus cosmetics awaiting at the tail end of the pass’ levels in the paid track along with the usual assortment of consumables and currencies.

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