Mad World will condense all of its regional servers into one single server April 25


So hey, how are things going for Mad World? Well, if the OARPG’s latest announcement is to be taken at face value, things possibly aren’t so sunny considering every regional server is being combined into one.

The two existing servers that are each available for Asian, European, and North American players will all be merged into the Belphagor server on Thursday, April 25th. The merging will naturally have an effect on things like character names, inventory stashes, and currencies, while things like friend and enemy lists, rankings, and black market postings will all have to be reset. As for why, Jandisoft claims it’s for the game’s health and to give “a unique experience for more people.”

Until then, the game is still getting some updates, with the latest one adding bug fixes, a costume tab in the inventory, and a tribe relationship UI.

source: official site (1, 2)
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