Mad World updates UI elements and potential growth system, delays its new dungeon to next week


This week is bringing another patch to Mad World, and most of its contents are about adjustments to existing features and UI elements, as well as a host of bug fixes and general gameplay tweaks. So probably not the silver bullet fans might be hoping for.

The UI updates affect the stable, materials bag, skill source stone window, and skill tooltip window, with either some new quality-of-life features or more information shown off depending on the UI element. The potential UI has also gotten an update that highlights the weapons players are working to improve.

Speaking of the potential growth system, that’s gotten some new content that lets players “engage in battles with the region’s most powerful monsters, as well as imaginary monsters only felt by shadow eyes” through acts 1-5, unlocking abyssal seals and additional potential points along the way.

Other highlights of the patch include the end of level penalties for dungeon loot, a buff to “less useful skills,” and reward tweaks for ancient bosses, among other things. What won’t be in this patch is the new Mamon dungeon, which had to be pushed back into next week.

Taking the game’s temperature on Steam, we see a slow decline in player numbers but a rise in user reviews to a “Mixed” aggregate, which is an improvement from its earlier “Mostly Negative” user score.

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