Final Fantasy XI adds a new Master Trial against the guardians of Adoulin

They're friends.

The next major Final Fantasy XI patch will not actually involve going to war against a month, but it certainly sounds like it will. Why? Because the new Master Trial will involve going up against August, the king and founder of Adoulin. Of course, his partner in this operation is not June or July, but that gets in the way of the joke. Let’s just pretend that Teodor’s new name is September for the purpose of humor.

As the updates have generally been smaller, it is probably no major surprise that the patch otherwise will just feature an update to Ambuscade pitting players against taurus and ahrimans (which have been conspicuously absent for a while), but the new Master Trial should provide some extra challenge along the way. The update is scheduled for February 13th, so get ready ahead of the update itself arriving next week.

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