Mad World’s next patch refines leveling, adds new difficulty options, and applies quality-of-life updates

But it's still not on Steam


The latest patch for the OARPG Mad World appears to be a kitchen sink’s worth of updates and adjustments that look to refine the game’s experience in a variety of ways when it lands on Thursday, December 14th.

Leading off the updates is an adjustment to “growth flow” that looks to refine the entire game’s leveling path, with lowered XP requirements to move from level 65 to 80, tweaks to Act 3 progression, and some ramped-up challenge for certain bosses in the level 31-35 range. This has subsequently seen jumping stages for levels 35-41 removed in light of tuning for equipment, monsters, XP, and gold earnings across that level spread.

Players will also see an increase in monster quantity as they level up, prepare for new random attack effects as they progress, and expect adjusted reward drops based on monster difficulty and grade, though gold drops are being reduced by 25% across the board as well.

On the subject of difficulty, several difficulty options will also be added including a new world tier difficulty mode and new harder versions of several dungeons and mini-raids, all of which can be checked from an updated dungeon entry UI. There are a large assortment of quality-of-life features coming as well, such as a dedicated materials bag, an automatic disassembler, tweaks to the ways players can reduce their madness, and a host of UI adjustments.

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