Trove’s Snowfest returns through Christmas as consoles finally get the fall PC patches


Gamigo’s rolling out the snow carpet for blocky sandbox Trove this week as Snowfest has returned to all three platforms as of today through Christmas day. No, we don’t know why they’d cut it off right before the week a lot of their players actually have playtime. It’s Gamigo. You’ll just have to sit there on December 26th with no Snowfest and sob quietly to yourself.

“The Horned Rumpfus have found their way back to the Permafrost and they’re as angry as ever!” the studio says. “Players must meet Elfsly in the hub to embark upon this year’s Snowfest quest to save the Horned Rumpfus by launching saged snowballs and turning them back into yetis. Along the way, Trovians must defeat gift-stealing enemies, clear the dungeons, and complete Snowfest daily quests. The Tree dungeons in particular are much larger and a much bigger threat. They can pop up anywhere in Trove, so find a few and give ’em what for.”

The studio further notes that two patches previously available only on PC – October’s Trouble with Titles and November’s Punches and Potions – are finally live for console.

Source: Press release, official site
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