Mad World is offline thanks to a ‘major system failure’ just a week from its sunset


Earlier this month, we learned the sad news that Mad World was destined for sunset, as developer Jandisoft was giving up on the game just over a year after launch and only a few months since its Steam release. The move wasn’t a surprise, as the game struggled at launch, and its many-months-delayed Steam debut never peaked above 147 players.

Nevertheless, things can always be worse, as today has proven. Jandisoft told Discord players this morning that the servers have been hit with a nasty outage owing to a “major system failure,” just a week from sunset.

“We have endeavored to maintain stable operation until the end, but unfortunately, a major system failure has occurred, rendering all game and website access impossible,” the studio says. “We will do our utmost to restore normalcy swiftly and extend services for the duration of the disruption. With heartfelt thanks, we hope to return with meaningful updates.”

The final sunset is July 4th, so every second counts now for the remaining playerbase.

Source: Discord
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