Mad World finally arrives on Steam after a nine-month delay


Cast your mind all the way back to spring of 2023 when you were but a carefree gamer in a garden of delights. However, one treat was denied to you on Steam: Jandisoft’s newly launched Mad World, which struggled with numerous technical difficulties upon release. A Steam delay was announced in late April, beginning what would be a nine-month vigil here at Massively OP to see when the studio would actually fulfill its promise of releasing on Valve’s platform.

Seriously, we had candles in the windows and professional sentries and everything.

Well, if you were among the dozens of people eagerly waiting for this moment — it’s finally here. Grimdark MMO Mad World is now available on Steam as a free-to-play game. Jandisoft describes this title as “staying true to the classic MMORPGs with unique art and grotesqueness.”

MOP’s Chris streamed the game after its launch if you’re curious about how it plays!

Source: Steam
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