Mad World’s free-to-play launch stumbles out of the gate and misses its Steam release target


Yesterday was supposed to be the big day for Jandisoft’s MMORPG’s full release as Mad World has officially made its full free-to-play launch, and we’re sorry to report that, much like its founder’s pack release, launch day has not exactly been an easy ride for players or the devs.

While the launch itself was prefaced by guides and FAQ details to get players ready, the release itself has seen server delays, real-time patching of the black market, additional known issues, and a delay in dishing out maintenance rewards, while the latest news at the time of this writing is emergency maintenance kicking off today.

More critically, Jandisoft confirmed that its planned arrival on Steam yesterday did not in fact occur because of some unspecified delay. “Our schedules are difficult to describe, so please accept our apologies,” the announcement reads. “Upon confirmation of the inspection schedule, we will send you additional notices as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, the game discussion channel on Discord has been awash with confusion and frustration, with most players asking how to change the game’s language from its Korean default to English. A lot of that confusion has spread across Reddit as well, sprinkled with some generally unimpressed initial impressions, at least a couple of guides, and one player’s account of someone swooping in and snatching up loot dropped from an elite boss kill.

sources: press release, official site, Steam, Discord, Reddit
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