Mad World goes after unauthorized macro programs that ‘compromise fairness’


Jandisoft’s gritty yet beleaguered MMO Mad World is taking a stand against botters and macros. The studio posted an announcement last week that it was taking measures against those who use these unauthorized programs to gain an in-game advantage.

“To maintain a fair gaming environment, we are planning to take measures against users of unauthorized/macro programs,” the studio said. “We will be restricting the use of Mad World game service for accounts confirmed to have used unauthorized/macro programs.”

Mad World also apologized for changing one of its seasonal pass rewards in mid-stream as it downgraded the item from legendary to unique status. Jandisoft said that purchasers can file for a refund this week, but if they don’t, they’ll be given a small measure of compensation.

And no, just in case you were wondering — Mad World still hasn’t released on Steam despite its original plans to do so back in April.

Source: Mad World, 2
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