Bless Global is already delisted on Steam after trying to push crypto racket


Did we expect anything different? Not really.

Just days after Bless Global relaunched the franchise for the umpteenth time on Steam, the MMO was delisted from Valve’s platform. Maybe this is because of a wild conspiracy involving aliens, the Illuminati, and the mole people. Maybe it’s a clerk’s unfortunate error. Or maybe — just stick with us here — it’s the fact that the title arrived as a mobile-and-PC edition riddled with astroturfing and NFT junk that we pointed out at the time ought to violate at least Valve’s policies if not Tigon and Valofe’s dignity.

Connor at MMO Fallout notes that the game’s handlers were also caught outright bribing people with crypto and game gifts to leave positive reviews. As of the delisting, all of these tainted reviews have been expunged from Steam, leaving the game page to sit in a sulky silence.

But next time? Next time, guys, this game is going to blow the roof off of the MMO world. Just watch.

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