Valofe resurrects the sunsetted Diablo-like MMO Cronous in a Steam re-release


Usually, when an MMO has announced its closure, that’s often the last word. However, some games refuse to go into that good night like they’re comic book characters. This appears to be the case for the Diablo-like MMO Cronous, which had originally planned to sunset this summer but has instead resurrected under a new publisher: Valofe.

If that company’s name sounds familiar, it should: Valofe has taken over multiple dead or waning MMOs in the last few years, including Atlantica Online, MU Legend, Continent of the Ninth Seal, Bless Unleashed PC, and Riders of Icarus – the last two of which inserted pay-to-earn elements.

As for Cronous, the game rose from the dead at the end of August on Steam following several class previews. It kicked off a number of events and refreshed its servers in September and has been releasing patches ever since. With all of that said, the game itself doesn’t appear to be going over with players, with recent Steam user reviews sitting on a Mostly Negative score and an all-time peak of just over 100 people.

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