War Thunder’s Fire and Ice update goes live with Finnish armor, flamethrowing vehicles, and new maps


Seeing a tank rumbling toward you is probably terrifying enough, but seeing one that’s also spewing giant gouts of flame can only make things worse. That’s just one of the sights that players of War Thunder will have to contend with as its Fire and Ice update has gone live, adding the fire-breathing British Churchill Crocodile tank and the American “Zippo” flamethrowing boat, among other vehicles.

Obviously those aren’t the only additions to the game this update, as the headlining feature that was heralded earlier is the inclusion of tanks and airplanes from Finland and new vehicles for other nations. All told, there are over a dozen new aircraft, 30 new and updated ground vehicles, and 10 new boats.

In addition to the new hardware, the update has added two new maps in the form of Arctic and Rocky Canyon (for the “Ice” portion of the “Fire and Ice” update’s name), fancier new visual effects for crashing into water, volumetric holes that can be punched in aircraft fuselages, and a host of other updates. Players can either look over the changelog or check out the video below the break.

sources: press release, official site
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