Kakao Games’ sci-fi MMO Ares Rise of Guardians releases flashy class and gameplay preview trailers


Does anyone remember Ares: Rise of Guardians? This sci-fi MMO from publisher Kakao Games and developer SecondDive was first mentioned in investor reports from last year, when it was called Project Ares. After that, we’ve only really had a CG teaser trailer this past March.

Unfortunately we still don’t have much information about the game, but we do have a website and a pair of splashy new trailers, both of which feature actual in-game footage. The first trailer grants a quick look at the game’s four different classes and their fancy futuristic combat suits, while the second trailer shows some combat and zone footage that appears to be heavily tuned for presentation over “live” gameplay. As for the game’s website, it offer a few brief blurbs about the game’s world and its classes.

Kakao Games will be among those presenting at this year’s G-Star 2022 event on November 17th, so it’s possible we’ll learn more about this game then, including its potential for a western release. In the meantime, we only know that it’s “coming soon” according to the end of one of the aforementioned videos, which incidentally was shared in English. Those previews await after the cut.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), official site, G-Star website
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