Kakao Q1 2021 financials: ArcheAge 2 won’t be ready until at least 2024


As MOP’s own Carlo has written at length, Kakao is a massive company with its fingers in many pies – most recently the delicious pie known as Black Desert, though of course it’s no longer the western publisher for that game. It is, however, the South Korean publisher for Path of Exile and PUBG, and it’ll soon be bringing Elyon to the west, so naturally, we’ll be taking a look at its financials as they pertain to gaming.

Notably, Kakao Games itself saw a 68% YOY boost in net profits this past quarter, in spite of losing Black Desert; it’s largely thanks to both PC and mobile, in particular the South Korean launch of Elyon. As MMO Culture notes, Odin: Valhalla Rising and Eternal Return: Black Survival are slated for Q2 launches overseas, while MMO Project Ares is still under development.

The company still lists MMORPGs Elyon and Odin: Valhalla Rising and survival sandbox Dysterra on track for fourth quarter launches here in the west and the rest of the world. Since Kakao bought up a majority of XLGAMES last year, it can also count ArcheAge 2 among its offerings, though it isn’t coming until at least 2024. Worth noting is that while ArcheAge 2 was originally listed as a PC title, Kakao also lists an unnamed Jake Song-led mobile MMORPG (a “global-bound blockbuster MMO that offers PC game quality on the mobile platform based on Unreal Engine 4”), which seems to be the same game.


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So, is this new game going to be the same blatant P2W bullshit as AA currently is?


Not gunna do it. Song and the XLGang have burned what good will they had at the beginning.

RIP Archeage Alpha. You are sorely missed.


The UE4 mobile game Song has been working on as a priority for XL is Moonlight Sculptor (Korea 2019) and just a few weeks ago announced pre-registration for the western release.

AA2 is slated to use UE5.


Odin will be mobile and pc so maybe that’s the game in question and not AA2 at least hopefully.