The MOP Up: Don’t fear Last Epoch’s Reaper form

Last Epoch's Reaper is getting a glow-up with this week's update! The studio said that it's improving the visual effects, outfit, and groovy scythes...

Dysterra permanently slashes price, hands out in-game furniture to early buyers

Back in February, the early access sci-fi survival FPS Dysterra was hosting a promotion that, among other things, provided a 30% discount on the...

Dysterra announces a free weekend on Steam, launches Season 2 update with new maps, weapons, and items

Dysterra might have made its early access release just this past November, but it apparently is rushing forward into Season 2, which is the...

Betawatch: Dysterra springs ahead to launch and falls back due to cheating

Good work, Dysterra! It can be a rocky road to launch, even to early access launch, but you braved the difficult path and oh,...

The Stream Team: Taking a quick dip into the dystopia of Dysterra

MOP's Chris is back with another random draw game for his Sunday afternoon, and today's stream will be the sci-fi survival shooter Dysterra. It's...

Sci-fi survival shooter Dysterra launches into early access, has to rollback almost immediately due to cheaters

Run, gun, survive, and have fun. Ideally, anyway. That's the hope of Kakao Games' newly released sci-fi survival multiplayer shooter Dysterra, which made its...

Kakao Q3 2022: Revenue down, pipeline packed with ArcheAge War, Ares, Odin Valhalla Rising, Dysterra

Kakao Games released Q3 financials this morning, and it's packed with good and bad news. Let's do the bad first: Revenue is down by...

Kakao’s sci-fi survival FPS Dysterra will enter early access on November 23

Over the better part of the past year, we've been keeping tabs on Dysterra, a sci-fi post-apocalyptic survival FPS published by Kakao Games and...

Fight or Kite: First impressions of Dysterra, a cybernetic post-apoc survival sandbox

In the future, our home Earth is beset by a host of economic and environmental disasters. It got so bad that people with resources...
I'm sure somebody thinks that's neat!

Betawatch: Dragonflight moves into proper beta testing

What's the difference between World of Warcraft: Dragonflight between now and last week? Now it's in actual beta. Like, for-real beta. Yes, the distinction...

Sci-fi FPS survival title Dysterra begins an open beta testing round on Steam

We've been following the development track of Kakao Games' Dysterra for some time now, from its alpha beginnings in March 2021 to its closed...

Betawatch: Dysterra enters another beta testing phase

It's time to test Dysterra, don't you know? If you have been eagerly looking forward to a chance to get in on the game's testing,...

Grab a key for tomorrow’s Dysterra beta on Steam, courtesy of Kakao

Kakao and Reality MagiQ are preparing for another big beta round for Dysterra, its survival MMO that mixes "solid first person shooting with sophisticated...

Betawatch: Star Citizen is going to kill you now

Look out, Star Citizen players! The latest update is going to kill you and make you drop all your stuff whenever that happens! Yes, technically...

Kakao Games’ survival sandbox Dysterra has begun global beta testing

Kakao Games is once again drumming up hype for Dysterra, the survival sandbox coming from developer Reality MagiQ that just hit beta last week. Beta testing...
Ta bay

Betawatch: Swords of Legends Online opens up the doors for everyone

Eager to try out Swords of Legends Online but haven't had any luck getting into the game's beta testing so far? No worries, now...

Kakao Games’ survival sandbox Dysterra will begin global closed beta testing July 7

If the idea of being plunked onto an Earth that's now a prison world to scrounge for survival sounds like your idea of a...

Kakao Q1 2021 financials: ArcheAge 2 won’t be ready until at least 2024

As MOP's own Carlo has written at length, Kakao is a massive company with its fingers in many pies - most recently the delicious...
One last round.

Betawatch: The Burning Crusade Classic may be entering beta this month

It might be time to beta test World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade! You know, again. See, there's a rumor that the next update...
Ooh, dis.

Kakao Games’ upcoming survival sandbox Dysterra begins alpha March 18

Eager for another survival game in your library? Kakao Games is publishing the upcoming title Dysterra, an Unreal Engine 4-powered survival game in which players...