Sci-fi survival shooter Dysterra launches into early access, has to rollback almost immediately due to cheaters


Run, gun, survive, and have fun. Ideally, anyway. That’s the hope of Kakao Games’ newly released sci-fi survival multiplayer shooter Dysterra, which made its arrival to early access last week on Steam.

Describing itself as a combination of Rust and Halo, Dysterra drops players into each game with nothing but a rifle and a sidearm, letting them get right into the PvPvE action from the jump, while the game’s building and crafting features are also tuned to keep survival contrivances lightweight.

As of right now, the early access launch has run into some problems, particularly in relation to cheaters, which forced a rollback of the game this past Friday. The devs are also working on fixes for daily missions, borked keybinds, and time spent in the forge.

sources: press release, Steam
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