Final Fantasy XI brings the Alter Ego Extravaganza around once again


These days, a lot of the content you explore in Final Fantasy XI will be done with alter egos, because Trust magic has become an integral cornerstone of the game as a whole. For that reason, moments like the upcoming Alter Ego Extravaganza are important because they give you a chance to pick up alter egos you might not already have. If you’ve been longing for a chance to pick up Qultada, Cid, or Ovjang, your chance is returning once again on December 1st.

As before, these alter egos require you to trade the appropriate summoning scroll to a Trust NPC, but actually acquiring them requires various currencies from content (Ovjang, for example, is available in exchange for Assault Points). It’s another shot at getting these companions to join you in the game, so you’ll have a few extra gifts waiting for you at various exchanges around the world.

Source: Twitter
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