Dysterra permanently slashes price, hands out in-game furniture to early buyers


Back in February, the early access sci-fi survival FPS Dysterra was hosting a promotion that, among other things, provided a 30% discount on the purchase price. As of last week, that discount price is now its normal price, meaning those who buy in can do so for $15.

Players who purchased the shooter earlier – specifically before March 24th – will be getting a free founder’s pack that packs in six furniture recipes, 12 sculptures, and 3,000 Terra Points to purchase items in the Terra Shop.

Meanwhile, the game put out an update last week that added a new quarter foundation option to make hallway creation easier and applied a few fixes. The patch notes also hint at a major announcement coming soon that appears to involve UFOs.

For those who don’t recall, Dysterra is a survival shooter from Kakao Games and Facepunch Studios that launched into early access this past November, though it was immediately waylaid by cheaters so hard it needed a rollback. It otherwise kicked off its second season this past February, while player head counts on Steam show activity in the double digits – which might account for the sale.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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