Kakao Q3 2022: Revenue down, pipeline packed with ArcheAge War, Ares, Odin Valhalla Rising, Dysterra


Kakao Games released Q3 financials this morning, and it’s packed with good and bad news. Let’s do the bad first: Revenue is down by a full third year over year, which Kakao attributes to the “stabilization of mobile game services and elimination of seasonal effect” from its sports segment. The charts make clear the issue is that mobile profits have flattened since last year’s launches.

The good news is that the studio still has quite a pipeline. Among the titles teased for investors are:

  • Jake Song’s ArcheAge War, launching in Korea Q1 2023 (this is not the same as ArcheAge 2, which is also in development under XLGAMES’ banner and won’t be out until at least 2024);
  • Ares: Rise of Guardians, Second Dive’s AAA mobile MMORPG, launching in Korea Q2 of next year;
  • Odin: Valhalla Rising, the Lionheart MMO aiming for the west in Q4 of 2023;
  • Eversoul, a mobile “collectible RPG” from NineArk launching globally early next year;
  • and of course, Dysterra, the multiplayer FPS already in beta – it’s just gotten an official launch date of November 23rd. MOP’s Fight or Kite columnist Sam gave Dysterra a spin back in September’s testing round, finding it to play a bit more like a survival sandbox than anything else.

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