Kakao Games’ survival sandbox Dysterra will begin global closed beta testing July 7


If the idea of being plunked onto an Earth that’s now a prison world to scrounge for survival sounds like your idea of a good time and you missed out on the March alpha test, then we’ve got some good news for you: Dysterra, the survival sandbox coming from publisher Kakao Games and developer Reality MagiQ, is headed for a global closed beta test this coming Wednesday, July 7th, and interested players can request access through Steam.

The announcement confirms that beta testing will offer up features like a team system, an expanded world, reorganization of the game’s UI, and the introduction of a “single mode” for beginners. The announcement further promises that feedback from the game’s alpha test will be iterated on, and the developers will be “communicating with players on how they are updating and improving the gameplay based on experiences shared.”

Testing will run between July 7th and July 20th, kicking off just before midnight EDT on July 6th. Those who are eager for yet another survival sandbox are invited to push the shiny green button.

sources: press release, Steam

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7 months ago

Kakao Games’ survival sandbox Dysentery will begin global closed beta testing July 7

Jim Bergevin Jr
7 months ago

Perhaps the name of the game is a play on Dystopia, but as the two posts below me indicate, it invokes something entirely different. The devs need to take a serious look at renaming their game.

Hirku Two
7 months ago

Reminded me of the original survival game:

7 months ago

So is this name supposed to be a blend of dysentery and terra meaning “crapland”? I think I’ll pass… Or “move on” so to speak.

Jon Wax
7 months ago
Reply to 

Dystopia and terra

DystopiaLand woulda looked better