Bless Global is a blockchain-linked version of Bless that’s headed for Steam and mobile devices


The life of the Korean MMORPG Bless has been like a neverending story without any of the ’80s-era whimsy. Readers will remember it first arrived to our half of the globe in 2018 as Bless Online, but had a messy launch mired by corporate merging that ultimately saw it shutter a year later only to return in 2021 as a mobile game. The IP then came back in 2019 as Bless Unleashed, which landed to consoles in 2020 and PC in 2021, though the console version recently unveiled that it’s shutting down by the end of November.

Meanwhile, the PC version traded hands to Valofe, which upended its original roadmap, and further decided to go babblingly insane by stating its intention to add blockchain tech… and then not bring it up ever again.

Well, those play-to-earn elements are back and in another version of the MMORPG: Bless Global, which is being heralded as the first AAA GameFi MMORPG headed for Android, Apple, and Steam (despite that platform’s tacit refusal to host blockchain games of any kind). The game touts its strategic combat model that lets its five base classes switch stances mid-fight depending on team needs and situations, while gameplay will consist of dungeon encounters, quests, and PvP content.

As for its blockchain tech, that’s primarily fueled by obtaining Corestal, which can be used to earn the “must-have” battle points or minted into the appropriately named BLEC token (best read with the proper amount of disgust), which can then be used to purchase a mystery box that contains an NFT, dissolved into Corestal, or donated to a guild forge for minting BLEC. The BLEC token can also be gained from opening mystery boxes purchased with the Tether token.

The game itself isn’t playable yet, but that hasn’t stopped publisher/developer Tigon Mobile from holding pre-registration as of this past August, hawking mystery box sales and various VIP passes before the game even goes live, and clapping hands with an ID infrastructure company called Carv. The game has also been talking up a beta test for those with VIP passes that is scheduled to run between November 30th and December 14th.

Further reading on why blockchain is bad for the MMO industry:

sources: official site, Steam, Twitter, Cryptonews, cheers Kieran!
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