Bless Mobile has officially made its global debut on Android and Apple devices


Bless Mobile, the 800th version of MMORPG Bless, has officially made its global launch today. Yes, 800 is a bit of an exaggeration, but only if you concern yourself with numbers. Bless first dropped in the west as the incredibly short-lived and much-maligned Bless Online, then returned in a new format for console and then most recently PC. Today, we’re looking at Joycity’s effort at bringing the IP to mobile devices, which the company bizarrely says is based on the “hit PC MMORPG” (which we again note was sunsetted after brief but dismal performances in both Korea and the west).

“Bless Mobile is based on the original, hit PC MMORPG of the same name. Utilizing the latest Unreal Engine 4, Bless Mobile brings the vibrant, fantastically crafted nations of Hieron and Union to life; rife with all the trappings of what makes RPG adventure and battles so popular, right to your fingertips. With four distinct races, and five playable character classes Bless Mobile demonstrates their robust, extraordinarily in-depth character customization feature; beautifully showcasing what they bring to character creation. Character creation isn’t overwhelming. An easy-to-use UI allows for in-depth, or relatively extensive preset customization options to choose from.”

Joycity is promising a “particularly remarkable” log-in event to kick off the launch, with sweet pets if you log in four days in a row. “To meet the demand of players hungry for more content, new updates, content and additional events will be popping off within 2 weeks after launch,” the company vows.

Source: Press release, AppStore, Google Play

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I’m about to switch to grave shift and will have a ton of time to play. Which mobile MMORPG would you recommend? Is BDM considered king?

Vanquesse V

I played this till just shy of level 40 (and being top 1% in level and achievements, top 3% in combat power, because whales – I spent nothing) , here are some thoughts from someone who enjoys playing BDM as an idle game:
For a game that has auto combat, it’s surprising that nothing else can be automated, including questing. The game is throwing options to spend real money all over the place, and there’s no centralized place to buy stuff that isn’t for real money.
Mount and pet systems are pretty cool, but pet system is severly hampered by a gacha system that’s either real money, or extremely limited (both in terms of daily attempts, and odds)
There’s a decent amount of stuff to do in the game that isn’t main quest/ mob camp grinding, but every instanced event has daily limits, with watching ads to get more, and spending real money to get even more attempts.
Menus will keep drawing attention to themselves with no updates just because you can spend 2 tokens on something stupid, but what you really want is 100 tokens and you only have 12.
With a few QoL changes, removal of all ads, and better organization of the store, this could be a nice distraction from other similar games but right now it feels too greedy


So basically it’s exactly the same as every other asian mobile MMORPG ever. A shocking development…

Vanquesse V

The greed and p2w are the same yes, but to does have a few decent ideas.
But like most f2p games on mobile any potential enjoyment is brutally murdered in an attempt for some money right this instant and no care or thought is given for retention or customer loyalty.


and people wonder why im no fan of mobile games. Sure I like mobile games like Terraria, stardew valley. Becuse they don´t actively try to milk you on money every damn given minute you play. You pay once and that´s it.

Make the mmo´s buy to play or p2p or have only cash shop and STOP having auto combat auto walk and that shit and I can say I would enjoy a mobile mmo.

But sadly as it is they are all just generic shit that don´t even try to be different and tries to milk people that has to much money and are easily addicted to it.

Malcolm Swoboda

And it is soulless and bad.