Bless Online has officially sunsetted – RIP, Bless


Back in June, Neowiz announced the sad news that Bless Online’s western version on Steam – the last version left alive – was sunsetting on September 9th. The moment of execution has now come and gone.

“Steam service for Bless Online will be ending on September 9th, 2019 at 00:00 PDT,” the team reiterated last weekend. “While things may not have worked out as we had hoped, we have learned a lot from the experience of creating Bless Online and are excited for the future of not only Bless Unleashed but future titles. From everyone here on the Bless Online team, thank you again for your support over the past year and a half.”

MMO players will recall that Neowiz shut down its Korean servers last fall to focus dev resources on the Steam version, which launched in 2018 to lukewarm reception. As of June, it was showing under 500 players, down from 27,000 at launch, making the sunset not much of a surprise, especially when in April, Neowiz’s Bless Studio was merged back into parent company Neowiz. Along with Bandai Namco, Neowiz is currently preparing to launch the reimagining of Bless for Xbox One as Bless Unleashed with an open beta in November.

Our sympathies once again extend to the game’s remaining players.

Source: Steam

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Paragon Lost

It came, it went. Officially released what a bit over a year ago? So many of these more recent mmorpg releases have come off as half baked and like cash grabs in my opinion, which makes me watch from the side lines instead of putting money down on them. They come, they go a short time later.


I have very conflicting feeling about this because i never root for game companies to fail because, in spite of mistakes and bad choices made by people managing the game, i hate to see the rank and file devs, artists, etc. lose their jobs. However, in this particular instance, i am almost glad to see this game put out of its (and ours) misery. I really wanted to like the game and gave the studio a couple of a chances and they pretty much failed across the board.

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Like the 25 square feet of retail space for every American – there is a need to trim the fat of bad games so to speak. Get rid of the junk, like this, stop re-opening trash games that shut down and then re-focus on decent games people want to play.

There is nothing sad about this. Hopefully the small handful of players left in junk games like this find a developer worth the time, effort and money. Consolidation into games made by talent is a noble cause for celebration!

Bless sunsetted! Here! Here!

Ben Stone

Bless unleashed will join in a few months.



Ian Wells

I have a friend online that talked up bless for a couple months before it launched. He chomped at the bit at every news story, particularly the ones about how the skills branched into combo chains and how the NA version was going to have more of an action focus. Every video that I saw – and the other members of the Discord server we share for the matter – honestly just gave me more concerns.

We tried to tell him to hold off on purchasing the game (broke college student that he is whines every time someone even mentions playing a P2P game as a group), that it seemed like he would be throwing his money away. Every time, he would say we were just shitposting and making snap judgements or just didn’t understand what Bless was trying to be. I responded every time that the way it played and controlled in videos looked exactly like the dozens of mobile free to play mmo’s on the market.

Fast forward to three weeks after launch, he was still stubbornly playing the game, saying it was a great game and that he didn’t even notice the graphical glitches and lag spikes and that the irresponsive controls and animation locking for every action just added to the challenge. By the fourth week, he snapped and spent like three hours complaining about every facet of the game once day.

The number of “told you so’s” he endured was the stuff of legends.

Bruno Brito

While a sunset is always sad…would be nice if people started valueing their time a bit more. It’s incredible how passionate fans can be, and how blatantly imbecile the publishers and suits are with putting effort back.

It’s the same issue i have with weak music. People who are passionate with musicians that have the lyrical capability of a 5yo. The fans keep them afloat, but where is the effort back? Where’s the deserving part of that love?

Archeage will follow the same recipe, for sure. People loved the game and forced themselves through Trion’s BS, core cashgrab systems and RNG, just to be slapped in the face. And now, comes the SAME game, SAME issues, SAME core cashgrab systems…with a fucking box price.

At this moment, i have to say, it’s too much psychological masochism for me.


Bless’d are those who mourn, for they will be Unleashed? o.O

Kenji Takeda

Anyone was even surprise with the closure?

The game was pure mess since Korean pre pre alpha and never improved at an reasonable level .

So nothing lost here


Didn’t surprise me, saw it coming after they started to give refunds for it.


I played it in Korea and in Russia, I was surprised that it even released in the west.


“Also, please buy into our next project “Blessed Unleashed”that the media will provide free publicity for and we enthusiastically plan to sunset sometime soon”