Indie MMO Wild Terra 2 begins early access with a ‘spirit of adventure’

Wild horses can, in fact, drag you away.

The sequel to Wild Terra is finally here for players looking for a dash of fresh winter gaming. Wild Terra 2: New Lands has officially kicked off its no-wipe early access period on Steam with plans to further expand the MMO via “seasons” starting this June. It does sound like the current iteration won’t quite have as much as previously anticipated, however.

“We are worried that we did not manage to do much of what we promised you for the early access launch,” the team admitted. “Game development is a complex process in which it is impossible to consider all the difficulties that will have to be faced. This is especially true for such small teams as ours.”

The four-person development team said that this game is worth exploring, as it is “full of logically interconnected worked out little things that create a unique immersion and the spirit of adventure.”

Take a gander at the isometric gameplay from this title:

Source: Steam

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Am watching this one (along with Fractured) as I could use a good Ultima-type game again.

Seems the EA start today was met with a database crash so that doesn’t bode well for a smooth start. Like John I’m not being doom and gloom about this, I want it to succeed so fingers crossed that they’re able to launch fully on the 28th and have enough content to get me to push that buy button.

I had hoped Aria would fill my more modern Ultima game desire but that wasn’t for me. Albion was really well done just way, way too PvP focused for my tastes. Am glad they’re doing so well though, good for them.

John Mclain

I think I recall the first iteration of this game. Only stuck with me because of how unfinished and “prototype”ish it felt. I believe it was also only possible to play as a female because the devs didn’t think having the ability to play as a male character was “a priority”. I waited several months for it to improve, but never did. Doubt this version of the game will be improved much, but I may test it out at some point and refund it if it’s just as bad as the last one.

That sounded doom and gloom… so let me end this with that I hope they learned lessons from the mistakes of the first one and this one turns out to be a wildly successful gem.