wild terra 2

Yes, actually, I would like some cheese.

Wild Terra 2 cordially invites you into its new wine cellar and this is not suspicious at all

If you own the Merchant pack in Wild Terra 2, your villa has now been granted an additional swanky wine cellar. There's cool stuff...
Sure, why not, you get a day.

Betawatch: Aero Tales Online heads into early access at the start of August

Have you heard about Aero Tales Online? We just told you about it the other day! It's going into early access on Steam on...
Everything is a box stacked on something if you think about it and don't mind being insane and also wrong.

Wild Terra 2 updates the game to allow stacking boxes at long last

Finally, Wild Terra 2 has added a mechanic allowing you to do the most important task that any game can provide: Stacking boxes. The...

Wild Terra 2 adds the first stage of animal husbandry and new leader animals on June 30

Soon, players of Wild Terra 2 can turn a bear leader into a mount. That's a portion of what's possible in the content patch...

Wild Terra 2 updates its engine version in a highly technical patch

We're sorry that Wild Terra 2's latest patch is just not going to be all that exciting for players. Sometimes patches just aren't all that exciting....

The MOP Up: Ravendawn wraps up ‘epic’ Alpha 4 test

The Ravendawn team reported that it recently wrapped up a successful and "epic" Alpha 4 test. Now all attention is aimed at Alpha 5...
C'est la vie.

Wild Terra 2 improves animation and adds keybinding options in-game

People get very attached to their keybinding options in video games. Don't lie, you have strong opinions about what should happen when you hit...

Wild Terra 2 releases a new update soon following the team’s bout with Covid

The good news about Wild Terra 2 is that the project hasn't been abandoned; the team just had an extended bout with COVID that slowed...

Wild Terra 2 is working on new pets, a quest board, and a continent expansion

So here's the thing about having a small team developing an MMO: It can really make small events lead to production functionally stopping for...

Wild Terra 2’s latest update lets players bring plague to the main continent and earn faster skill XP through books

Either the devs of Wild Terra 2 are not reading the global room or they're very keen on expanding the feature set of its...

Wild Terra 2 updates with the second part of Plague Island

What more awaits on the ominous Plague Island in Wild Terra 2? Tameable spiders. Yes, it's terrifying, they're spider pets. For those of you...

The MOP Up: Stardew Valley creator moves on to haunted chocolate

Reader Jinarra shared with us the news that Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe announced that he's finally moving on to a new project called Haunted...
C'est la vie.

Wild Terra 2 adds over 25 new peaceful skills, plans to open Plague Island seasonal content October 14

Wild Terra 2 would like players to both enjoy new peaceful skills and prepare for Plague Island. Both of these things sound diametrically opposed...

The MOP Up: Wild Terra 2 invites you to have a good time on, uhhh… Plague Island

With a name like "Plague Island," you know you're in for a great time! This zone will be the first seasonal continent that Wild...
Small, angry.

Wild Terra 2 adds horses and healing with its next update arriving July 29

If you're quietly gathering from a tree and see a small squirrel run up to you yelling and chittering in rage, is your first...
Wild horses can, in fact, drag you away.

Wild Terra 2 developers outline plans for the new continent, healing, and horses

Development on Wild Terra 2 is ongoing, but where are the development resources going at the moment? The team behind the game is glad...
Ta bay

Betawatch: Swords of Legends Online opens up the doors for everyone

Eager to try out Swords of Legends Online but haven't had any luck getting into the game's beta testing so far? No worries, now...
Uh... this doesn't look like an auction...

Wild Terra 2 adds in the auction house along with crypt improvements and exotic item levels

Want to put some goods up for auction in Wild Terra 2 instead of manually finding a buyer? Now you can with the game's...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 organizes new player tips thread

If you're getting into Guild Wars 2 for the first time or can actually admit that you don't know everything about the game, there's...

Wild Terra 2 postpones this week’s update and auction system implementation

Wild Terra 2: New Lands has been in early access since January, with a full roadmap through autumn plotting out everything from craft skill...