Wild Terra 2 cordially invites you into its new wine cellar and this is not suspicious at all

Yes, actually, I would like some cheese.

If you own the Merchant pack in Wild Terra 2, your villa has now been granted an additional swanky wine cellar. There’s cool stuff in there, but you cannot wall up your visitors at the bottom after luring them down with talk of a cask of Amontillado. Not yet, at least. Even if you could, though, you’d have to look out for the new combat abilities like how axe wielders can now fling their axes at ranged targets, producing a penalty in melee but jeopardizing bow wielders. That could seriously imperil your plans at walling someone up in your wine cellar.

Darn it, we just said you can’t wall people up in the new wine cellar. Maybe you can distract yourself from that tantalizing prospect with some new daily quests that focus on animal husbandry and killing enemies. There’s even a specific new quest at the northern gate of Harfurt. Check through the whole patch notes for all the changes; we’ve checked it several times and there’s nothing about walling people up in the wine cellar in there. Come on, look for yourself! (Note: Link brings you to the wine cellar.)

Source: Steam
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