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Wild Terra 2 adds in the joys of agriculture with its latest patch

They say that you reap what you sow, which feels unfair. After all, if you had expected to reap the consequences of your earlier...

Wild Terra 2 details development progress on Central City, new locations, agriculture, and bags

What's going on with Juvty Worlds' Wild Terra 2? Quite a bit according to information we've gotten from the devs, as progress is...

Wild Terra 2 offers roadmap with new territory and skills leading into 2020 early access

When Juvty Worlds announced Wild Terra 2 last autumn, eyebrows shot up around the MMO world. But since then, the studio has...
Sure. Fine. Great. Superb.

Wild Terra 2 opens its beta up for free play until June 22

The developers of Wild Terra 2 would like you to play the game, see how much stuff has been added to the game in...
Terra, then Terra again.

Wild Terra 2 starts an open test event for all on June 9

The original Wild Terra was reasonably wild, we suppose, but Wild Terra 2 posits a substantially more wild situation than the first one. Still,...
It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria insists it’s totally still in development

So... about Chronicles of Elyria. Yes, it has laid off its entire staff and the studio founder announced that it was shuttering. But...

Pandemic roundup: Humble Conquer COVID-19, Bethsoft events canceled, EA ‘stay and play’

Welcome back to another roundup of the impact of COVID-19 on gaming. A huge stack of game studios have chipped in to support Humble's...

Wild Terra 2: New Lands will hit closed alpha this week for high-end backers

Last fall, Juvty Worlds announced that it had run into the "ceiling of technology" with Wild Terra and was pointing its four-person dev...

Wild Terra 2 discusses a Bard class, shows off more gameplay, and sells pledges that let backers be devs

Who's ready for a whole gaggle of Wild Terra 2 news? Yes, this small-team MMORPG has had a variety of updates since we...
Sure. Fine. Great. Superb.

Wild Terra 2 shows off 25 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage

It's often better to show and not tell, and the folks at Juvty Worlds have a whole lot to show regarding Wild Terra...
All right, here we go.

Betawatch: Torchlight Frontiers is indeed delayed

In late November, it's time for a lot of studios to admit that a game just isn't coming out this year. Torchlight Frontiers has...
Terra, then Terra again.

Wild Terra devs announce Wild Terra 2, now open for crowdfunding

Did you notice that updates for PvP MMO sandbox Wild Terra had slowed down? We did, but we assumed the game was just...

The Survivalist: What ever happened to the smaller survival sandbox MMOs?

With big name survival games getting ignored developmentally, you have to wonder what's been going on with the smaller titles. After all, we've got...
Oh. All right.

Grab a key for a Wild Terra armored boar mount courtesy of Juvty Worlds and MOP

Earlier this winter, Juvty Worlds announced it was taking its isometric sandbox MMO Wild Terra free-to-play. Since then, it's unleashed multiple events -...
More like... mild.

Grab a key for a Wild Terra Esquire pack from Juvty and MOP in celebration of the game’s F2P relaunch

Remember a month ago when Juvty Worlds announced it was taking its isometric sandbox MMO Wild Terra free-to-play? That's a done deal...
More like... mild.

Wild Terra is going free-to-play next week as its ‘next stage of active growth’

You might have wondered whether this was happening, given all the key giveaways, but yes, you were right: Juvty Worlds is taking its isometric...

Grab a free key for Wild Terra from Juvty and MOP

Looking for something to play on today's holiday? How about Wild Terra? The isometric sandbox has recently patch in a patch to tweak...

The MOP Up: Hytale takes a deeper approach to the Minecraft genre

Have you heard of Hytale? If you're a fan of the Trove or Minecraft school of sandbox design, then it definitely bears further...

The Stream Team: Extending Halloween with Wild Terra

You say Halloween has come and gone? Massively OP's MJ says pshaw! That was just First Halloweens; we still get Second Halloweens. Wild Terra...

MassivelyOP’s guide to MMO Halloween 2018

Whether or not you consider yourself too old to put on that Hulk or Sparkle Twilight costume and prance ("HULK PRANCE") around the neighborhood...