Wild Terra 2 adds a lumberjack camp, updates carpentry, and makes combat adjustments

Pressing of wildflowers not included


Lumberjacks have arrived to Wild Terra 2. How can you tell? Well, you can see them leap from tree to tree as they float down the rivers of whatever counts as British Columbia in the game’s world. Or you can visit the recently added lumberjack camp that’s part of the sandbox’s latest patch.

This new lumberjack camp located in a thicket (where else would they put one) introduces a line of 10 new quests to take up that unlock 20 additional daily quests once the primary quest line is completed. Speaking of woodworking, the carpentry skill has seen a rework to XP gain, a new type of wood to harvest that leads into a new type of processed wood for crafts, and some updated wood resources in certain recipes.

For those who are not lumberjacks (and that’s OK), the patch also has applied several combat adjustments: Bolases have faster flight speed, take less time to craft, and grant more bolases when created; new arrow materials have been added; bow ammo tweaks have been applied; and changes have been made to the sling, the sprint skill, a shield’s ability to block arrows, and certain enemy CC skills among other things. There’s a lot to this update, so players will want to read the notes over. Perhaps with some buttered scones and tea.

source: Steam
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